Under the auspices of the World Federation of Holistic Health Sciences (WFHHS), and organized by Yoga Federation of Macedonia and Skopje Yoga Society, on October 19th 2000 in Skopje, Prof. D. S. Lucas, Dean of the Ayurvedic College in Koppa, India, held two lectures on the traditional Indian medicine - Ayurveda: "Principles of Health and Disease in Ayurveda" and "Ayurvedic Plants Useful for Different Body Parts".

In front of over 170 yoga practitioners from almost all Yoga Societies in Macedonia and other guests of the Federation, Prof. Lucas spoke on the concepts of health and disease in Ayurveda, concentrating on basic holistic principles and rules for maintaining and promoting one's health.















           Introduction by Pavlos K. Hassanagas,                                                 Moments from the lectures

             Secretary General of the WFHHS




Prof. Lucas is one of the most respected world authorities on Ayurveda. He is a member of the International Scientific Advisory Board in the WFHHS and  of the Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia Committee at the Ministry of Health in India. He has presented over 50 scientific papers on ayurveda in India, Singapore, France, Italy, Germany and other countries.