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MD, PhD, DSc, Professor at Charles University, Faculty of Physical Educations, Prague, Czech Republic.

Director of the Institute of Physiological Regulations,
Czech Academy of Science.

Member of Czech Academy of Science and
of New York Academy of Sciences.

Received Swami Kuvalayananda Yoga Research Prize and many other awards and honors.


Prof. Dr. Ctibor Dostalek


Professor Dostalek was an outstanding authority in the field of neuro-physiology, primarily focused on studying the effects of yoga practice on psychosomatic function in humans. He was a member of the Czech Academy of Sciences, honorary member of Czech Society of Higher Nervous Activity, member of the New York Academy of Sciences and founding member of the Indian Academy of Yoga. Winner of many international honors and awards and author of over 250 scientific papers and three monographs.

As president of the World Federation of Holistic Health Sciences together with teacher Pavlos K. Hassanagas as its General Secretary and other members of the Federation, he worked on the scientific promotion of yoga and the beneficial effects of its practice around the world.

Professor Dostalek  participated at the First Scientific Yoga Conference held in Ohrid in 1997, organized by the Yoga Federation of Macedonia. Immediately afterwards, along with teacher Pavlos, he held a seminar for the teaching staff at Yoga Federation of Macedonia. During the same visit prof. Dostalek held a lecture at the Medical Faculty in Skopje and visited the Pediatric Clinic and the Institute of Physiology.

Dr. Dostalek won the Swami Kuvalayananda Yoga Research Prize, awarded by the Yoga Research Society of Philadelphia, USA for his contribution to the "clear understanding of yoga." He has also received the Purna Swasthya Award by the World Federation of Societies of Holistic Medicine.