World Congresses

1st World Congress, June 1985, Republic of San Marino
President: Prof. K.N. Udupa, Varanasi - India
The participants were experts from every part of the world discussing the theme of promotion and preventive care of total health through Yoga and Ayurveda.

2nd World Congress, January 1987, Varanasi, India
President: Prof. Cavallo, Torino - Italy
It was held in the campus of Banares Hindu University in the ancient Indian city of Varanasi.
The second World Congress focused on the potential role of Yoga and Ayurveda as holistic approaches to health and disease. The Congress established the World Federation of Holistic Medicine under the presidency of Prof. K.N. Udupa.

3rd World Congress, May 1989, Villa Era, Italy
President: Prof. K.N. Udupa, Varanasi - India
The third World Congress held at Villa Era, Italy, continued deliberations on holistic approach in medicine and health and the role of different systems of medicine, Yoga and traditional health practices as well as the need of their scientific revival.

4th World Congress, December 1991- January 1992, Bangalore, India
President: Prof. Dr. Ctibor Dostalek, Prague (Czech Republic)
This Congress was held in Bangalore, India. More than 1000 experts attended. The main theme of the Congress was Holistic Medicine and the global application of the concept of Holism in all aspects of life.

5th World Congress May 1994, Annesy, France
President: Dott. P.K. Warrier, Kottakal, Kerala, India
Besides the theme of Holistic Medicine and Yoga, for the first time the concept of Holistic Aesthetics was introduced. The Congress made its first public declaration "The Annesy Declaration" giving a call to all Governments of the world to recognize the holistic approach.


P.K. Hassanagas, Dr. M.L. Gharote, dr. Martini,
dr. L. Coudron, dr. R.H. Singh, G. Barabino, dr. Warrier,
dr. M.V. Bhole, dr. Warrier, dr. C. Dostalek

6th World Congress January 1996, Calicut, India
President: Prof. Dr. Ctibor Dostalek, Prague (Czech Republic)
The Congress' theme was Holistic Life and Medicine. A second declaration was conceived, "The Calicut Declaration", announcing the need of emphasizing the application of the concept of Holism to life as a whole. The Congress was followed by a satellite Symposium on Pancha Karma Therapy at Banaras Hindu University under the direction of Prof. R.H. Singh.

7th World Congress May 1997, Pugnochiuso, Foggia, Italy
President: Prof. R.H. Singh, Varanasi, India
The theme of the Congress was Holistic Life, Health and Aesthetics.

Delegates from different countries discussed the alternative dimension of life,

health and healing with holistic approaches.