World Congresses


Secretary General:


Teacher, yoga-therapist, author of scientific yoga studies. Has initiated various activities that connect yoga to education, medicine, ecology, practical philosophy, psychology and culture of living.
Started teaching in Bucharest, Romania over 40 years ago. Moved to Skopje, Macedonia in 1972 and founded and developed the first yoga school. Initiated foundation of
"Yoga - Health and Harmony" Magazine in 1983. In 1980 founded a School for Training Yoga Teaching Staff in Skopje and has been in charge of it ever since. His disciples, yoga instructors, teach yoga in several European countries.


Translates and interprets old scriptures from Eastern and Western spiritual traditions.


Originator of Yoga Science Research in former Yugoslavia. President of the International Association of Yoga Science Centers.


Honorary member of the Indian Association for Clinical Ayurveda from Bilai, India. In 1997 elected Secretary General of the World Federation for Holistic Health Sciences.
Since 1987 he lives and teaches in Athens, Greece.