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They are traditionally held once a year for yoga practitioners and yoga teachers under the guidance of teacher Pavlos K. Hassanagas and organized by the Yoga Federation of Macedonia. The tradition of these seminars began in the mountaineers' house of Kopanki on Pelister in 1979 and in 2007 we marked the 30th anniversary.
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The seminars promoted the School internationally. In the beautiful ambience by the river of Radika in Leunovo, in the quiet landscape of Matka, on the slopes of Pelister and Krushevo or by the waves of the Ohrid lake, yoga is lived intensively for a few days.

The programme of the seminars contains hatha yoga lessons, meditations, lectures, satsangs, slide projections, leisurely walks in the countryside and sightseeing the surrounding, and sometimes contributions by experts in yoga, medicine, acupuncture, psychology etc.

The professional lectures by the teacher like, "The Place and the Role of Yoga in Everyday Life" in 1982, followed by "Yoga as a Way of Life and a State of the Spirit", "The Philosophy of Yoga and the Western Way of Living", "Kurukshetra 2001", "Yoga Psychology", "The Obstacles on the Spiritual Path", "Spiritual Practice in the Modern World", "Unoffending, Tolerance, Love", "Spirituality of the East and the West", "Teacher, Disciple and Discipleship in the Spiritual Practice" to topics on yoga practice: "Yogasanas", "Pranayama", "Meditation and the Human Mind Potentials", opened the subject about yoga as a practical philosophy for ennobling and harmonizing everyday life.


They became part of the International seminars in 1982 to meet the needs of the yoga teachers. Topics from methodology of teaching yoga and various groups of techniques were elaborated, about "The Significance Of Karma Yoga", "The Role Of The Teacher In The Process Of Learning", "The Philosophic Concepts In Teaching", etc. Some of these seminars included public exams for teaching titles.

The international seminars were usually attended by guests and friends from yoga centres outside Macedonia. In 1982/83, the yoga instructors from former Yugoslavia (Pula, Zagreb, Belgrade, Subotica, Novi Sad, Vrsac etc.) gathered for the first time in these seminars, when the teacher raised the initiative of forming a Yoga Federation of Yugoslavia.



These are national seminars organized by the Societies and the Federation, and are held by teacher Pavlos with subjects that touch the essence of yoga science: "Vairagya -The Art Of Non-Attachment" (1997); "Karma and Reincarnation" (1998); "Yama - The Ethics Of Yoga" (1999); "Yoga Relaxation" (2000); "The Practice Of Meditation" (2001) etc.
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