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Part of a seriously organized Yoga School is the training of suitable teaching staff. The personal practice and knowledge is one thing, but transferring that knowledge and guiding other people requires an appropriate approach and methodology.


Teaching course for junior yoga assistants
with teacher Pavlos K. Hassanagas, 1982


Training of teaching staff by teacher Pavlos K. Hassanagas officially began in 1980. Since then the School for Training and Improvement of Yoga Teaching Staff has been working actively. It trains yoga instructors and medical consultants. The training consists of teaching courses and seminars, passing of appropriate exams, practical participation in yoga classes and preparation of papers on teaching methodology. So far several dozen teaching courses and seminars have been held by teacher Pavlos K. Hassanagas and the senior teachers.











                Public examination for a                                          Public examination for

                yoga assistant title, 1999                                      a yoga assistant title, 1994


The personal improvement is the first and essential part of the training of a yoga instructor. The teaching matter can be upgraded if the basic and personal improvement of the teacher is strong and constant. Therefore, the training doesn't depend only on the passed exams. In this sense every teacher continues to learn and improve constantly.


 Teaching seminar for yoga assistants
with teacher Pavlos K. Hassanagas, 2001


As in every other tradition, in yoga the essence lies in the teacher's ability of giving the knowledge and in the disciple's power of receiving. They act mutually, they can't act without each other. The main concern of the teacher is to help the disciple until the moment he can stand on his own feet, although that relationship doesn't have to know time limitations. the following passage from Taittriya Upanishad speaks beautifully about conveying knowledge and the role of the teacher and the disciple:

"Let us both be protected
Let us share the results of our action together
In order to attain these results let us put our efforts together,

let us work together
Let our effort of teaching and learning be successful
Let there not be any misunderstanding between us,

teacher on one side, student on the other
Let the whole process be in peace, bliss, happiness on all levels:

physical, mental and spiritual."
Taittriya Upanishad



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