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1972 - 2012

Yoga is live knowledge, "live spirit" which cannot be spread without realized spiritual teachers. Coming to a certain place they start magnetically attracting people who feel the subtle radiation of the spirit. This phenomenon happened in this region with the coming of Teacher Pavlos K. Hassanagas in Skopje in March 1972.

Yoga is a long-lasting aspiration of the human spirit to achieve perfection and infinity and with regard to this, the years of yoga in Macedonia is not a long period. But, for an organization it is significant. Since 1972, many things that seemed impossible, were accomplished with great devotion and effort.

What have these years brought in the field of yoga?
From the first individual lessons, from the Club Of International Youth Friendship, to centers and societies throughout the whole country, organized in the Yoga Federation of Macedonia; from several beginners to thousands of people who passed through the courses; from one assistant to a School For Training The Teaching Staff; from a copied internal bulletin to an appreciated magazine; from skepticism and doubts to a collaboration with scientific and educational institutions and international acknowledgements
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1972 - Arrival of Teacher Pavlos K. Hassanagas and first individual lessons
1978 - First public yoga courses in the Club of International Youth Friendship, Skopje
1979 - First yoga seminar on Pelister
1980 - School for Training Yoga Teaching Staff
1981 - Skopje Yoga Society
1982 - First scientific research on yoga in collaboration with the Institute For Physiology, Medical Faculty, Skopje
1982 - First course for children in the Institute For Hearing, Speech And Voice, Skopje
1982 - First international yoga seminar
1982 - First international teaching yoga seminar
1982 - First textbook for yoga teachers
1982 - Teaching manual "Hatha Yoga - Guide to the Techniques for Culture of Body and Mind"
1983 - Specialized informative bulletin  "Yoga"
1984 - First therapeutic courses
1984 - First courses for pregnant women
1985 - Struga Yoga Society
1985 - First manifestation "Yoga Week" in Skopje
1986 - Prilep Yoga Society
1986 - Coordinative Board of the Yoga Societies of Macedonia
1986 - First significant informative TV serial on yoga
1987 - Bitola Yoga Society
1989 - Stip Yoga Society
1990 - Ohrid Yoga Section
1991 - Yoga Science Centre in Skopje (active until 2004)
1991 - First Summer Yoga School in Ohrid
1992 - Yoga Federation of Macedonia
1992 - Section at the Institute for Rehabilitation of Cardiovascular Diseases, Ohrid
1993 - Veles Yoga Section
1993 - Booklet "Yoga - Natural Way to Healthy Heart"
1994 - First participation with a scientific study at an international congress in France
1994 - University Yoga Centre in Skopje
1995 - "Yoga - Health And Harmony" Magazine (former bulletin "Yoga")
1996 - Yoga Science Centre in Skopje (active until 2007)
1996 - Kumanovo Yoga Section
1997 - First Yoga Science Conference in Macedonia
1999 - Strumica Yoga Section
1999 - Gevgelija Yoga Section
2000 - Kicevo Yoga Section
2001 - Veles Yoga Society
2007 - Kavadarci Yoga Section
2007 - Bogdanci Yoga Section
2008 - Valandovo Yoga Section
2009 - Negotino Yoga Section
2009 - Publication of "Yoga: A Spiritual Odyssey"
2010 - Publication of "Sadhana: Yoga Practice"
2011 - Publication of "Hatha Yoga Pradipika" in Macedonian
2012 - Publication of "Satsang: In the company of Truth"

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